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How to make complex projects digestible
Agile Coaching

Why a circular approach enables success

Adaptability is key to success for organizations. In a fast changing environment, you achieve best solutions through collective intelligence of your team, your customers, your future competitors and AI. Circular ways of working and open communication enable your team to focus on common goals, realize solutions efficiently, identify failure early and be able to scale successful solutions quickly. This all together makes the difference.


Agile values and behaviours like...

  • focus on joint targets
  • openness and reflection
  • trust and mutual respect 
  • commitment, getting things done and 
  • courage to test new solutions in a suitable environment...

all these elements together power your business agility. The best way to let an agile mindset grow is learning within a set of several coached real life projects.

Offered Services: 

  • Basic trainings about agile project management
  • Workshops including selection of suitable frameworks for your individual requirements & setup of first agile project
  • Team-Coaching in ongoing projects
  • Individual Coaching for agile leaders

In my role as ISO-17024 certified Agile Coach i am happy to support you and your team!

Design Thinking

Design Thinking makes it easy to identify and solve customer problems and identify additional gains, instead of spending engergy for useless projects. A set of divergent and convergent phases guides you from understanding, via ideation, planning and testing of minimum viable products, to optimizing and scaling of positively tested product and solutions. Design thinking is highly capable to solve complex innovation challenges, and protects you from useless developments.
Design Thinking can be combined with Scrum or Kanban.


The Kanban Framework provides ways of working that are easy to implement. With Kanban, prioritized initiatives / projects / work packages get realized withhin short timeframes.
Kanban has a broad field of applications, from work planning for oneself, via agile project teams, up to flight level planning solutions for strategic planning in the C-suite.
Most important keywords: Limitation of work in progress. Finishing comes before starting. Pull principle: Team members pull tasks forward, out of a prioritized backlog.


Scrum provides a strong framework, enabling teams to deliver valuable results against customer needs, ongoing in short periods of time. Rigid time boxing does not only regulate the spring length, but is also important within all official meetings, the so called events. Same as with Kanban, the pull principle is key for moving work forward.
Take care: Successful use of Scrum depends on a set of  prerequisites that are not too easy to fulfill. E.g. focus of teammembers on a small number of projects, let´s say not less than 30% of your time on a scrum project if you are a teammember. Also, it only works for projects where valuable increments can be achieved at least every 4 - 6 weeks.

Communication & data management

Even without implementation of special agile frameworks like Kanban or Scrum, an agile culture can be fostered through structured & easy ways of good communication. Some simple rules are key:

  • Let´s have a meeting culture, and agree on one conference tool for online meetings.
  • Many things don´t need meetings, talk and agree on a chat tool for them.
  • Create room for creativity in discussions (whiteboard / online whiteboard)
  • Be clear about your workload planning system (Kanban or different)
  • Agree on where and how official documents are archived

Take care: A good collaborative spirit comes from a good team, not from rules. However, if you structure communication well, it helps and can save a lot of time.

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SDG 8 decent work and economic growth
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With an agile culture and agile ways of working you foster teamwork towards achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.